After three years from its beginning, the project ENTERPRISE – ENTrepreneurial Experience and Rising PRofessionals in Sustainable Europe, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme, project number (2019-1-IT02-KA201-062931), has reached its timespan and it has finished on April 2022. During the beginning of March, partners met for the first time setting the last tasks before the end of the project and the finalisation of its activities.

During these years the consortium, composed by CEIPES – Centro Internazionale per la Promozione dell’Educazione e lo Sviluppo (Italy), I.I.S.S. Pio La Torre (Italy), AEVA – Associacao Para a Educacao e Valorizacao da Regiao de Aveiro (Portugal), BDA – Bulgarian Development Agency (Bulgaria), TSV – Thora Storm videregående skole (Norway), has worked hard to achieve project objectives and the expected impact, facing all the emerging challenges related to the explosion of the covid-19 pandemic, which has enhanced the risks related to the implementation of the activities.

The four intellectual output of the ENTERPRISE project have been successfully carried out, stimulating interest and raising awareness about the topics and needs addressed by the project, whose focus is on the integration of entrepreneurial and sustainability education into national and European curricula:

  • I-O1, Collection of open educational resources in the field of sustainability and youth entrepreneurship;
  • I-O2, Development of learning paths for teachers and students training in sustainability and entrepreneurial education;
  • I-O3, Pilot study on student learning in entrepreneurship and sustainability;
  • I-O4, E-learning platform in the field of entrepreneurial education and sustainability.

Also, the four mobilities of the project have been arranged and three out of four have been developed physically, despite the emergence of covid-19 restrictions. These occasions have given schools’ staff and – specifically – teachers and students from the insistutes involved into the ENTERPRISE activities the possibility to learn more about the topics addressed by the project and to enhance the network of organisations trying to integrate entrepreneurial and sustainability education into school curricula, following the policies and reccommendetions of the European Union.

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