On 9th of March, 30 teachers from high schools in the region of Trøndelag were invited to participate in an Multiplier Event were project members from Thora Storm presented the Intellectual Outputs and several of the result from the ENTERPRISE project.  

The results discussed how to use the methodology in teaching entrepreneurship and sustainability to students. Attendants showed big interest in discussing if there were any cultural differences and how it was to teach and learn in a foreign language.  

The second phase of the ME was dedicated to a practical assignment where teachers were challenged in working with creativity and stepping into the unknown. How is it to work without complete control? Educators from Thora Storm have for many years worked systematically to give the students room and space to explore and be creative, to allow errors and mistake, but learn from them.  

After the ME several teachers have reach out to us and asked to discuss and to develop their way of teaching entrepreneurship and sustainability